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Watt Worx Electrical Corp. is experienced with multidisciplinary Electrical, Controls and Telecommunication installations and maintenance. Our experience is proportionate with the installation of medium and low voltage reticulation and distribution, data installations, building management services, specialist trades group and technical services coordination.

We have experience in both business unit and coal-face project management, Commensurate with active hands on trade group supervision, coordination and development.




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Watt Worx Electrical Corp. is a leader in innovative services, to save our Clients time, Increase productivity and save Money  using innovative technology and techniques, to decrease everyday energy consumption.




Energy use creates CO2 emissions locally through car exhausts, and remotely at the generating station. You can reduce energy consumption, save on your home or office energy bills and reduce CO2 by implementing a few small changes.

  • Convert your office lighting from T12 to T8 or T5
  • Use motion sensor lights for outdoors.
  • Use energy-efficient, compact fluorescent light bulbs.
  • Install a programmable light switch to turn off lights automatically.
  • Install dimmers in areas where full lighting is not always required.
  • Use timers to turn lights on and off while you are away on vacation or out for the evening.


Please contact us and we will gladly help you with a solution to fit your Needs and Budget.

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